The Original Fabric Hat Workshop


The girls holds one day workshops in creating fabric hats from start to finish. Using  original patterns to construct and teach others how to make their own fabric hat in a number of different styles.


Designed to be a fun and light hearted experience to achieve an end result of a wearable hat in a day.

Must own a sewing machine, know how to use it and have some sewing skills!



Sad to Fabulous Workshop


These workshops are achievable in a few hours depending on what you would like to recreate.

Most of us have headwear in our cupboards that is dated, worn, broken or you just don’t like anymore; so with the girls help you can recycle, up cycle or recreate these once beloved pieces to be fabulous once more in just a few short hours with a myriad of ideas and trims.



For more information please contact me on the Contact Page


I'm happy to travel to areas with community support to make these workshops happen.