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Madhatters Antics

The Madhatters are 21!!!!!.

They are 21 years together in the business of making hats.

The Two MadHatters

began in 1996 with two girls from the bush of outback Queensland whose passion for colour, fabrics and style developed one of the first fabric hats for the harsh Australian climate.

With a need to look good but ever so practical at all kinds of events like cattle, sheep and horse sales or sporting events. Worn at picnics on the river, garden party’s, social gatherings the fabric hat has become essential.

Robin Strang and Kathy Moloney developed their own special style and fun as they become know around Qld and NSW field days as ‘The TwoMadhatters of Longreach”. The name came about with the help of slightly mad brother of Robin’s and a bottle or two of good red wine!!

They have evolved now with Kathy living near Roma and Robin’s sea change to Townsville.

The range of hats have grown to incorporate race hats and, fascinators learning the age old art of blocking. Working with sinamay, felt and straw and including beautiful fabrics, leathers, pearl bling and of course gorgeous feathers.

Although the original much loved fabric hats are still the mainstay the girls are always playing with ideas and have designed many more styles to their repertoire.

The girls run their own businesses but come together as The TwoMadhatters to market


The original fabric hat workshop are also a fun way to get a group together and learn the art of making one our infamous hats., Another great workshop is a Robin favourite called Sad to Fabulous. Taking old hats and recreating them into something fabulous

This workshops is great for team building for a like minded group, girls night or to celebrate just being girls who need a creative outlet

The BraSational Workshop

A fun workshop born out of a challenge to make a headpiece out of simply anything!!!. Using bras and their often sensational lace and colour to create a fun item of headwear.

While it creates hilarity and fun, through the process, the topic of breastcare, importance of early intervention, self checks, mammograms and medical checks is discussed. Sharing stories of Breast Cancer survivor journeys and how they coped and fought often helps many others on their journey.

As we sew, create and have fun these workshops, it allows the participants to share and care in an nonjudgmental environment. Mental 'wellness' is an important part of everyone's life..... sit quietly is one of my beloved mother-in-laws sayings and often a hard thing to achieve for most busy people.

Sewing and creating allows people to leave the outside world 'out' and just focus on time for themselves. For many making a headpiece is just outside their comfort zones so with these activities it makes them stretch as everyone IS creative, just occasionally you have to take the time to let it happen with a little guidance from Robin Strang The Madhatter.

Bra Sational workshops can be a great fund raiser and awareness of both mental wellness and the need to take care of our breasts, or simply just a new challenge for a group..... either in the bush, town or in the corporate sector in a big city!!!.

Length of workshop - 3hrs - 4hrs... depending of time available and how many participants.

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